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Non-des­truc­ti­ve & cou­pling agent-free test­ing of bonds of mul­ti-mate­ri­al com­pon­ents for defects and flaws

Neces­si­ty of Test­ing Adhe­si­ve Bonds

In modern pro­duc­tion pro­ces­ses, dif­fe­rent mate­ri­als are more and more bond­ed to each other by means of an adhe­si­ve bond in order to redu­ce the weight of the vehic­le in the auto­mo­ti­ve indus­try and thus redu­ce mate­ri­al con­sump­ti­on, for exam­p­le. Espe­ci­al­ly pla­s­tics are bond­ed with metals or metals with metals. After manu­fac­tu­ring, it is no lon­ger pos­si­ble to visual­ly check the cor­rect­ness of the bond. Howe­ver, it is of gre­at importance. The ultra­so­nic inspec­tion sys­tem “yoU­Scan” is ide­al­ly sui­ted for a retro­s­pec­ti­ve check.

Piktogramm - Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung von Klebeverbindungen mit Luftultraschall

How an Air-Cou­pled Ultra­so­nic Test Works

Wit­hout tou­ch­ing the mate­ri­al to be inspec­ted, the yoU­Scan sys­tem can check the bond for defects using air-cou­pled ultra­sound. Two dif­fe­rent methods can be used for the inspec­tion: 

One is by dam­ping, the other is by the tran­sit time of the sound. Each mate­ri­al atte­nua­tes sound to a dif­fe­rent ext­ent due to its phy­si­cal pro­per­ties. The dam­ping values bet­ween the air and a bond­ed joint are so strong that air pockets in the bond­ed joint can be cle­ar­ly detec­ted. As with dam­ping, the tran­sit time also depends on the phy­si­cal pro­per­ties of the mate­ri­al. The dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween air and adhe­si­ve lay­er are also cle­ar­ly distin­gu­is­ha­ble here.

Prac­ti­cal exam­p­le: Bon­ding of steel panels

The pho­to shows a top view of two bond­ed steel pla­tes with a thic­k­ness of 1.5mm. The bond­ed joint was tes­ted with CT and ultra­so­nics (C‑scan) to con­trast the images. In both cases the air gap or adhe­si­ve is cle­ar­ly visi­ble.


Foto von verklebten Stahlplatten


CT-Bild von verklebten Stahlplatten


C-Bild zur luftgekoppelten Ultraschallprüfung von Klebeverbindungen

Your solu­ti­ons for the ultra­so­nic test­ing of adhe­si­ve bonds:

Turn­key Lab-Sys­tem

Ide­al for test­ing indi­vi­du­al parts direct­ly on the test object with the modu­les of the yoU­Vi­si­on soft­ware

Indi­vi­dua­li­sed Inline-Sys­tem

Auto­ma­ted qua­li­ty con­trol direct­ly imple­men­ted into the pro­duc­tion line wit­hout the need of any cou­pling agents