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Ide­al for fast & non-des­truc­ti­ve 100%-tests wit­hout the use of cou­pling agents

Detect pro­duc­tion errors direct­ly on the pro­duc­tion line

Glo­bal com­pe­ti­ti­ve pres­su­res are for­cing manu­fac­tu­ring com­pa­nies to maxi­mi­se pro­duc­tion out­put per unit of time, while at the same time requi­ring more and more fre­quent pro­duc­tion chan­ges to meet rapidly chan­ging cus­to­mer requi­re­ments. Accor­din­gly, pro­duc­tion defects in the pro­ces­sed mate­ri­al are incre­asing­ly unavo­ida­ble. 

In order to detect the­se defects imme­dia­te­ly and thus avo­id lost added value in the fol­lo­wing machi­ning pro­cess, an inspec­tion sys­tem direct­ly at the pro­duc­tion line is the ide­al solu­ti­on. The yoU­Scan inline sys­tems for ultra­so­nic inspec­tion are ide­al for this pur­po­se, as they do not con­ta­mi­na­te the mate­ri­al, but only scan it by means of air-cou­pled ultra­sound. Using pre­set para­me­ters, the yoU­Scan inline sys­tems clas­si­fy the test parts in OK/NOK.

Inline Sys­tems to test with Air-Cou­pled Ultra­so­nics

Examp­les of indi­vi­dua­li­sed test sys­tems

Indus­tri­al Robot

Inline-System zur Ultraschallprüfung mit einem Industrieroboter als Manipulator

Ide­al mani­pu­la­tor for any tra­jec­to­ries

Pivot Arm

Inline-System mit Schwenkarm

Mani­pu­la­tor for an inspec­tion in the pro­duc­tion pro­cess pro­vi­ding a high inspec­tion speed

16-Chan­nel Test­ing Sys­tem

Inline-System mehrkanalig

Ide­al for test­ing joints on the pro­duc­tion line

Exam­p­le Test Device


Ope­ra­ti­on of Inline Sys­tems for Ultra­so­nic Test­ing

Cus­to­mi­sed User Inter­face

Tech­ni­ci­an or Labo­ra­to­ry Dis­play

Pro­duc­tion Dis­play

Ful­ly Auto­ma­ted Eva­lua­ti­on Pro­cess

In con­trast to our labo­ra­to­ry sys­tem, which offers soft­ware modu­les, the soft­ware of the inline sys­tem is adapt­ed to your com­po­nent and the spe­ci­fic test­ing task. This enables auto­ma­ted test­ing using AI, which allows the test­ing speed to be maxi­mi­sed. The AI ana­ly­ses the data of the sys­tem inde­pendent­ly. Defects can be pas­sed on to the ope­ra­tor, as an exam­p­le, by means of a light signal. Through auto­ma­ti­on, a fast and accu­ra­te inspec­tion with high effi­ci­en­cy and qua­li­ty in dia­gno­stics can be achie­ved.

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